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Social Media Management

Whoa! Look What We Can Do for You!

Social Media Account Promotion

Get more Likes, Followers, and Friends with Social Media Promotion. Let us optimize your account for maximum visibility on Facebook, Instagram, or both. We'll implement some proven hacks to surface YOUR account over others WITHOUT paid advertising, and curate the 30 best hashtags for your niche. $299 - First Month $149 - Subsequent Month(s) No contract required. Months must be sequential to qualify for the "Subsequent Months" rate.

Social Media Management "Lite"

Just need some Meta advice? Tell us your goals and your budget. We'll come up with a strategy to grow your social media presence and keep the momentum going. You can implement our advice, or let us do it for you. $99/hour

Full-on Social Media Management

Wanna blow up your Business Account on Facebook, Instagram, or both? With white glove service from our experienced, certified social media marketers, you can! Month 1 We will: •Compare your account to top performers in your niche. •Analyze your followers to create the ideal audience based on. Interest | Demographics | Geography | Other Factors. •Curate the top 120 hashtags for your niche. •Set up Audiences for targeted advertising. •Identify days and times when your followers are most active. •Use our tried and true ad campaign strategy to oJump-start your following oGenerate ongoing organic growth. •Provide a detailed "Before & After" analysis Month 2 & onward, We will: •Monitor account growth and insights based on best performing content. •Refine Audiences, hashtags, publication strategy. •Create lookalike audiences to reach new followers like yours. •Develop one new ad design. •Create high performing Posts and Reels from your images and videos. •Manage up to 3 ad campaigns - you set the budget and duration. •In a monthly strategy session we'll share results, plan future content & campaigns. Note: If choosing us to manage both Instagram and Facebook accounts, there is no extra fee. But, 1. The accounts must have comparable content, look and feel, target audiences. 2. We may cross-post AND develop original material for each platform. 3. You tell us where you'd like us to spend more time, otherwise we will split our efforts equally between the platforms.


With any of our social media services, paid advertising is entirely optional.

It's a great, cost effective way to jumpstart growth. You set a daily budget, maximum spend, and duration for the campaign.

You will never be charged more than your set budget.

Meta fees are not included in the cost of social media services.

Ad fees are invoiced separately - for exactly what Meta charges us.
Subscribers to our monthly plans may decide, month to month, if they want to run campaigns.

If you choose not to, we will utilize that time to optimize your organic growth. 

Learn more! Set up a consultation today!

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