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LBK Wink Presents

National Internet Cat Day


Sunday, June 18th, 2023



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What is National Internet Cat Day?

National Internet Cat Day was created to celebrate all the Cats immortalized online, and the humans who lovingly create content for their friends and fans.

When is National Internet Cat Day?

National Internet Cat Day is observed annually on June 18th. 

What is FloofaPawlooza?

FloofaPawlooza is an annual online event, in celebration of National Internet Cat Day. The First Annual FloofaPawlooza will happen on June 18, 2023.

What happens at FloofaPawlooza?

There will be appearances by famous Internet Cats, exclusive Cat content, SmartyCat Trivia, a Bad Cat Pun contest, prizes, swag, and more!

How can I attend FloofaPawlooza?

Join our mailing list for updates on guests, activities, and ticket sales.

Or, follow Archie, Veronica, and the rest of the gang on social media:


How do I enter the Bad Cat Pun contest?

Now is a purrfect time to submit your Bad Cat Puns.
There are a few ways to enter.

1 - Add your entries to the comments on the sign up form,
2 - DM Archie & Veronica at the social media sites, below,

3 - Send an email to

A few weeks before the event, we'll post the list on Archie & Veronica's 



Furriends and followers will vote for the top 10 Worst Bad Cat Puns. Winners will get a cool prize, and the moderate approval of Cats everywhere!

What's this SmartyCat Trivia?

SmartyCat Trivia is a super-fun, Cat themed trivia game. You can learn more about it at Smarty.Cat (yes, dotCat). 

Is FloofaPawlooza a charity benefit?

LBK Wink will donate a portion of proceeds to animal welfare charities.

Who is LBK Wink and Why Did They Sponsor a Holiday for Cats?

LBK Wink is a marketing agency that strives to become the go-to partner for the pet care industry.  Our inspiration comes from our own animal companions, who are heavily involved with the day-to-day running of the business - supervising, judging, napping on keyboards, etc. 

National Internet Cat Day was established by our founder, Kelly Wofford, in memory of her original Internet Cat, President Bill Clinton the Cat. Mister President enjoyed the friendship of thousands of social media followers. He left us too soon, on June 18, 2018. National Internet Cat Day will be celebrated annually on June 18th, in Mister President's honor.

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