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Stay Tuned for FloofaPawlooza 2024

National Internet Cat Day!

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Celebrating the First Ever


Sunday, June 18th, 2023

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Celebrate National Internet Cat Day at FloofaPawlooza:

a fun, FREE, interactive, virtual Pawty all about

Cats, the Internet, and Internet Cats.

Get your PawtyPass for a Meow-nificent Celebration of National Internet Cat Day!

FloofaPawlooza will be jam-packed with Cats, Cat videos, expert speakers, interactive trivia, games, prizes, and a lot of silliness!
AND! You can join for FREE, or be a VIC (Very Important Cat). VICs get an awesome bag o' Floof-Swag.

CelebriCat Guest: Crash! the Cadbury (Cat-bury?) Bunny

Keynote Speaker: E.J. White, Author of A Unified Theory of Cats on the Internet
The world expert on Internet Cats gives a Catty, colorful talk about how Cats conquered cyberspace.

More fun than a bag of Cats! Really, It’ll totally be way more fun than a bag of Cats.

The CatWalk: Home to our pawsome sessions & speakers.

CoolCat Alley: A place for CoolCats like you to meet new furriends,

Stuff Cats Want: Our Expo Hall, curated with pawsome Purr-veyors and HepCat sponsors, showcasing their cool, unique stuff for Cats and Cat people.

So Kitties, snag your human, slap on that silly Cat-ear headband of theirs, and join us for a day of Cat-tastic fun!

Go to our Events Page for full program.


Interested In becoming a Purr-veyor and showcasing your cool, unique stuff? It's free! Contact: - Subject line: Purr-veyor!

Want to support this awesome event as a HepCat Sponsor? Contact - Subject line: HepCat!

Who is LBK Wink and Why Did They Sponsor a Holiday for Cats?

Privacy Policy

LBK Wink is a marketing agency that strives to become the go-to partner for the pet care industry.  Our inspiration comes from our own animal companions, who are heavily involved with the day-to-day running of the business - supervising, judging, napping on keyboards, etc. 

National Internet Cat Day was established by our founder, Kelly Wofford, in memory of her original Internet Cat, President Bill Clinton the Cat. Mister President enjoyed the friendship of thousands of social media followers. He left us too soon, on June 18, 2018. National Internet Cat Day will be celebrated annually on June 18th, in Mister President's honor.

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