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Your Digital Watch-Cat

Companies spend millions to thwart hackers. But there's another side to cyber-crime. 

Is your brand safe online?

Not every cyber-criminal is a skilled hacker. And hacking is not the only cyber-crime.

  Brand Impersonation | Trademark Infringement | Phishing | Domain Squatting | Traffic Arbitrage | Malicious Sites


Opportunists and scammers are everywhere, with an arsenal of free, easy-to-use, tools enabling them to establish deceptively similar digital properties and personas to exploit highly visible brands. 
Most companies do not have frameworks in place to combat digital fraud and abuse systematically. Many don't know it's a problem. Others rely on monitoring services. These services still require their customers to do the legwork, or pay a premium, for the research that goes into tracking down scammers, proving ill intent, and taking appropriate action. And those skills are in short supply. 

Picture this:
A well meaning employee purchases a domain on the company's behalf for a short-term marketing campaign. Years pass. The employee leaves without sharing access credentials, neglects to renew, or just plain forgets about it. The domain drops back into public availability, and a bad actor pounces. 
They redirect the domain to a gambling, adult-themed, or malicious website. Your best customer remembers the campaign, types in the domain, and sees...
What would they think? 

Dropped doemains are not the only risk. Scammers proactively register deceptively similar domain names and social media profiles for phishing. They launch copy-Cat websites to "sell" non-existent products to your customers, or to solicit donations from your constituents. These bad actors impact your revenue and erode public trust in your brand.

LBK Wink founder, Kelly Woffordhas worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Using her proprietary BraveCat framework, a diverse suite of online intelligence tools, and good ol' sleuthing skills, she brings visility and security to scattered web properties while tracking down fraud and abuse.

Kelly is a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Constituency, The Internet Society (ISOC), the ISOC Cybersecurity Special Interest Group, and the Unicode Consortium. 

To scehedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Kelly, send an email to


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