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Beyond Jingle Balls

Toying With Success.


Too often, Cats are misunderstood. Sure, those jingle balls are fun. But, what about when they roll under the bookshelf? ? Our arms are only so long. And, even with Cats' extraordinary vision, we can't always see where they landed. Plus, when we do retrieve them, they're covered in dust bunnies. That's not fun. What can Humans do?


The Answer: Buy More Toys

Cats are smart, curious creatures. They quickly become bored playing with the same old toys day after day. A rich variety of stimulating playthings is critical to your cats' well-being. Crinkle mice, cardboard scratchy things, bouncy birdie sticks - all of these will delight and entertain your cats. Keep them happy with frequent gifts of trinkets and rolly-things. Your cats deserve it.

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