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Your Digital Watch-Cat

Companies spend millions to thwart hackers. But there's another side to cyber-crime. 

Is your brand safe online?
How many domains does your company own?
Where are they hosted?

When do they renew?
Are they secure?

Are they trademarked?
Do they lead to meaningful content?


It's easy to lose track of digital properties. Well meaning employees purchase on the company's behalf for marketing or defensive purposes. Those employees leave, neglect to renew, or just plain forget about them. Scammers and opportunists snatch up dropped domains to exploit respected brands for their own gain. They redirect domains to gambling, adult, and malicious websites. They register deceptively similar domain names to send phishing emails and launch lookalike websites, where they "sell" non-existent products to your customers, or solicit donations from your constituents. These bad actors impact your revenue and erode public trust in your brand.

Fraudulent Websites | Trademark Infringement | DNS Hijacking | eMail Phishing | Domain Squatting | Traffic Arbitrage


Kelly Wofford has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, bringing visibility and security to scattered web propertiesFollowing her proprietary Digi-Cat Blueprint, you'll foil the scammers, gain control of your portfolio, make the most of your digital properties, and safeguard your brand's online reputation.

Choose Your Solution:

Get the Digi-Cat Blueprint: $1397 Get Kelly's proprietary Blueprint and guide yourself through the steps to track down your domains, assess vulnerabilities, and determine best next steps to secure your brand online.
Attend a live 2-day or 4-day webinar with Kelly. Get 16 hours of education, tailored to your company and industry. Learn to apply the Digi-Cat Blueprint, plus pick up some expert tips and hacks not available anywhere else, with unlimited access to replays: $15,937
Let the expert do the work for you. Kelly gathers your domains and trademarks, identifies vulnerabilities, and implements solutions. Employing traditional best practices, with an eye toward emerging trends, Kelly applies her years of experience working with high profile organizations to secure your brand's online presence: $95,997 for 12 months of implementation, maintenance, and oversight.  

Availability is limited.



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