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The Bowl Half Empty.

Well meaning humans like to believe a half-empty food bowl is, in fact, half-full. They are wrong.

The answer: Keep the Bowls Full.


Hungry and cold, we shelter cats spent our earliest weeks on the streets. Benevolent humans swept us lucky ones away to a world of warmth and satiety. Eventually, other benevolent humans welcomed us into their homes; filled our bellies; invited us into their beds. They fostered an atmosphere of security and plenty.

Then comes the day when we look into the food bowl... and the food bowl stares back at us. The bottom of the bowl. The abyss.

Clearly, our benefactors cannot comprehend the impact of that shallow reflection. That emptiness. They scritch our necks and murmur platitudes like, "Eat up, baby! There's plenty more!"

Humans! If there is "plenty more," fill the bowl! Assure us there is, indeed, "plenty!" Cats do not adhere to the same austere philosophies as you, when your Mojito falls below mid-cup, and you must slope all the way to the kitchen to refill it. In the time it takes to mottle your mint, already could you have replenished our stores. Quelled our anxieties.

The struggle is real, people! Keep. The bowls. Full.


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